WAP11 Unix Configuration Utility

1. What is this?

The Linksys WAP11 is a cheap wireless (802.11b) access point, that's configurable from any Windows machine, either through a USB cable, or over a LAN, using SNMP.
Unfortunately, the WAP11 SNMP implementation is a wee bit unorthodox, so you can't really use a standard SNMP client to configure a WAP11. Linksys provides a Windows SNMP client with its hardware, but there's no Unix or Linux client. WAP11 Unix Configuration Utility (wap11gui) fills this gap by providing a Unix SNMP client you can use to configure a WAP11.

2. Author

Ori Pessach.

3. Compatibility

This code was tested with the Linksys WAP11, version 1.1. This version of the hardware was discontinued, and replaced with version 2.x, which doesn't support SNMP, and won't work with wap11gui. You can tell which version of WAP11 you have by flipping it over, and looking for a small label on the bottom of the unit, with the version number. Also, the version 2.x hardware I've seen had a big "2.4GHz" printed in white on the front, which the older hardware didn't have. Version 1.0 may or may not work with wap11gui (or other SNMP configuration utilities). It had less flash memory, and some versions of the WAP11 firmware don't fit in it, and therefore disable the SNMP functionality. In addition, wap11gui may work with the following wireless access points, which all use the same Atmel chipset as the WAP11:

  • SMC MC2655W
  • D-Link DWL 900AP
  • Netgear ME102
  • Edimax EW-7205
  • Global Sun ProWave GL2411AP
  • Eumitcom WA3001A

  • If you have one of these access points, please let me know whether wap11gui works with it or not.

    4. Features

    And, of course, no open source project is complete without a list of known bugs:
    ...or screenshots:

    wap11gui's security tab

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    5. Download

    The tarball should be available here

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